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Malt Whisky Tasting Experience

Looking for the ideal gift for a whisky lover? Or perhaps you’d like to treat yourself to a unique experience? You’ve found the perfect place. MY WHISKY CLAN organise unforgettable malt whisky tastings and events in La Rioja. We offer a diverse range of luxury whisky tasting experiences to cater for every need, from the novice to the whisky connoisseur. 


More than 100 brands of Whisky

Single Malt Whisky Tasting Events

My Whisky Clan tastings are premium luxury events of nosing, tasting and evaluating different malts from the variety of styles and tastes across Scotland and beyond. This is a rare opportunity to try some single malts that are not readily available outside of Scotland and learn about the history, flavours and distillation process of each whisky. You will gain a new understanding and appreciation for whisky whilst building your knowledge and expertise of “The Water of Life”. It’s a great experience to enjoy alone, or with a group of friends, and makes a wonderful evening out for any budding whisky enthusiast. Our exclusive Single Malt Whisky tastings are hosted in either Spanish or English.

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Whiskies from all over the World


Premium Luxury Events

Corporate & Bespoke Whisky Events

Let us create your perfect corporate/private whisky tasting event. We have experience in creating bespoke luxury whisky tastings for business clients and overseas visitors, as well as fun team building events for colleagues, or just great occasions to enjoy an unforgettable event with friends and family. The format, style, duration, budget and location can be chosen by you, and the event can be hosted in either Spanish or English. We tailor each presentation specifically for the audience involved – from first-time whisky novices to die-hard aficionados. A whisky tasting can be an unusual way to break the ice, an original way to wind down at the end of a meeting or conference, the perfect accompaniment to fine dining, or an entertainment in its own right. Needless to say, every tasting is fun, informative and entertaining.

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Unique & Original


An Unforgettable


Whisky Blending Workshops

Blending whisky is the art of balance. In this workshop, you’ll learn how blended whisky is made, then make your own unique blend! The event begins with an introduction to whisky, where you’ll be able to sample several of whiskies of differing styles. Our whisky expert will explain each one’s origins and processes, as well as the smell and flavours to expect. Then the blending starts: using a pipette and a mini bottle, you’ll slowly build up a blend of your very own. Along the way, you’ll discover how blended whisky came to be and why it remains the backbone of the Scotch whisky industry. To make your experience extra-special, you’ll take home your bespoke blend to enjoy whenever you please.

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